Course Selection Dates 2017


    Who does this involve? What has to be done? When will it happen?
    Year 8 New intake
    (No subject choices as an incoming Year 9 Student).
    Open Evening (information)

    Open Day (information)

    Enrolments Close

    Orientation Day (All new intake)
    3rd August

    10th August

    26th August

    11th November
    Year 9 Students  Select one Language and two Technologies and two Arts using DreamCatcher for Year 10. Weeks 2-5 Term 3
    Year 10-12 Students Course selection open in DreamCatcher for the following year.  
    Guidance given in Year Level Assemblies.
    Course Selection Evening.
    Final Consultation

    Term 3 Week 1

    Term 3 (8th August) 
    Term 3 (8th August)

    The Garin College Curriculum is available on the Garin website.