Reporting at Garin


Garin College has a comprehensive range of reporting formats to report on student progress and achievement. In Term 1 a simple progress report is sent home describing students starting efforts for the school year. At mid-year a more detailed report highlighting strengths and recommendations for each subject is sent out. After practice exams in Term 3, a comprehensive end-of-year, cumulative style report for each subject completes the cycle of reporting for the year.

Reporting Timetable 2015 (approximate times only)

Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12Year 13
MarchAttitude ReportsAttitude ReportsAttitude ReportsAttitude ReportsAttitude Reports
MayParent InterviewsParent InterviewsParent Interviews
JulyWritten ReportWritten ReportWritten ReportWritten ReportWritten Report
AugustParent InterviewsParent Interviews
SeptemberIndicative ReportsIndicative ReportsIndicative Reports
DecemberEnd-of-year ReportEnd-of-year Report

If parents have any concerns about the academic or personal development of a student, they should contact the student's whanau teacher immediately to discuss that.