Year 11 Art


Subject: Art Level 1

Level: Year 11

Code: ART1

Entry Guidelines:

Knowledge and experience within the field of Visual Art. Preference will be given to students who have completed the Yr 10 programme. An understanding of painting and design processes is expected.

Course Description:

This is a practical art course which aims to develop students’ skills and explore a wide range of techniques and media. Students will be encouraged to draw on their own experience of their environment, to find images from a wide variety of sources, to explore ideas through art media and to be critically aware of artists’ works and processes.

Students undertake a programme aimed at developing important wet and dry media skills and techniques. Building on their work in Year 10, students further explore the idea of informed practice and research a range of artists’ models for use in their own work.

Future Pathways:

Contribution: $50.00 course materials

Achievement Standards

Internal 10 Credits, External 12 Credits

AS 90914 Int 4 Cr - Use drawing methods and skills for recording information using wet and dry media.Aim: To develop techniques.

AS 90915 Int 6 Cr - Use drawing conventions to develop work in more than one field of practice. Aim: To extend skills and knowledge.

AS 90916 Ext 12 Cr - Produce a body of work informed by established practice, which develops ideas, using a range of media.