Year 11 Music


Subject: Music Level 1

Level: Year 11

Code: MUS1

Entry Guidelines:

Tuition on a musical instrument for 2/3 years

Course Description:

This course covers musical performance, creative composition and development of musical knowledge. Students will gain the skills and techniques needed to perform confidently in solo and group situations. The programme will be individually tailored to each student’s talents.

Future Pathways:

Contribution: $20.00 to cover resource materials

Achievement Standards

AS 91090 Int 6 Cr - Perform two pieces of music as a featured soloist

AS 91091 Int 4 Cr - Demonstrate ensemble skills through performing a piece of music as a member of a group

AS 91092 Int 6 Cr - Compose two original pieces of music

AS 91093 Ext 4 Cr - Demonstrate aural and theoretical skills through transcription

AS 91094 Ext 4 Cr - Demonstrate knowledge of conventions used in music scores

AS 91095 Int 6 Cr - Demonstrate knowledge of two music works from contrasting contexts