Level 1 Mathematics Internals (MAS)


Subject: Mathematics level 1 - internally assessed

Level: Year 11

Code: MAS1

Entry Guidelines:

Year 10 mathematics.Teacher recommendation in consultation with parents/caregivers

Course Description:

This internally assessed Achievement Standard based course is intended for those students who do not expect to be formally studying mathematics with calculus in year 13 . This course will include content from all the strands of Mathematics.

Future Pathways:

This course could lead to MAS 2 (all standards in MAS1 must be achieved), which in turn can lead to Statistics level 3 or Mathematics 3. The level 2 credits gained are all suitable for University entry for courses requiring level 2 mathematics.

Cost: $26 Maths ( workbook )

Calculator required. Recommended graphic calculator Casio 9750 - this is an essential calculator for any level 2 or level 3 mathematics course.

Achievement Standards

AS 91030 Int 3 Cr - Apply measurement in solving problems

AS 90129 Int 3 Cr - Apply linear algebra in solving problems

AS 90132 Int 3 Cr - Apply right angled triangles in solving measurement problems

AS 90133 Int 3 Cr - Apply knowledge of geometric representations in solving problems.