Year 11 Numeracy


Subject: Numeracy

Level: Year 11

Code: NUM

Entry Guidelines:

Teacher recommendation in consultation with parents/caregivers.

Course Description:

This course is intended to cover the three numeracy Unit standards to facilitate students achieving the Numeracy requirement for NCEA level 1 and the Numeracy requirement for "University entry". This course will include work from Number, Measurement and Statistics.

Future Pathways:

This course is designed to cover the Numeracy unit standards. This covers students for the Numeracy requirement for Level 1 and University entry numeracy requirements. It is not expected that students taking this course continue with mathematics.

Cost: $10 includes all resources required. Scientific calculator essential e.g. Casio FX82. If students already have a graphic calculator they will not need scientific calculator.

Unit Standards

US 26627 Int - ongoing assessment Level 1 3 credits Use measurement to solve problems.

US 26626 Int - ongoing assessment Level 1 3 credits Interpret statistical information for a purpose.

US 26623 Int - ongoing assessment Level 1 4 credits. Use number to solve problems.