Level 1 Science


Subject: Science Level 1

Level: Year 11

Code: SCI1

Course Description:

Students will build on a foundation of scientific knowledge and skills gained in Years 9 and 10 to explore how the natural, physical, and material worlds work so that they can participate as critical, informed, and responsible citizens in a society in which Science plays a significant role. The units of work are designed to help students understand the world around them and to develop a wide range of practical skills. Practical work is a major part of this course.

Future Pathways:

Science underpins our whole civilisation and economy so nearly every career has an element of Science to it. In addition we all must have some understanding of the Science in our everyday lives if we are to make informed decisions about how science and technology will affect us. Level 1 Science is recommended for those intending to pursue trades and apprenticeships for example plumbers, electricians, beauty therapists and technicians. With further study Science is vital for careers in medicine, veterinary science, engineering, sports science, food technology including brewing and winemaking, forensics, environmental science, marine biology, IT and telecommunications, farming, fishing, forestry and mining etc.

Cost: $20 Science Workbooks

Achievement Standards

AS 90940 Ext 4 Cr - Demonstrate understanding of aspects of mechanics.

AS 90944 Ext 4Cr - Demonstrate understanding of aspects of acids and bases.

AS 90948 Ext 4Cr - Demonstrate understanding of biological ideas relating to genetic variation.

AS 90930 Int 4Cr - Carry out a practical chemistry investigation, with direction

AS 90935 Int 4Cr - Carry out a practical physics investigation that leads to a linear mathematical relationship, with direction