Level 1 History


Subject: History Level 1

Level: Year 11

Code: HIS1

Course Description:

“Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it”.

An understanding of where we have come from is a fundamental aspect of how people participate in their own society. This course brings history alive through fascinating topics that have grabbed attention from anyone who has come across them.

Students will develop important transferable skills including; the ability to see events in History in context, to distinguish relationships and perspectives, to read historical material in a discriminating way, to weigh evidence relating to historical events and issues, form judgements based on evidence and argue a case and present conclusions intelligently in structured writing.

Students will find out what led Martin Luther King Jr. to declare that he had a dream by immersing them selves in the fight for Black civil rights in 1960s America. The second topic explores terrorism and conflict in Ireland during the era of the brutal suppression of the Irish people by the British Empire. Students will also hone their research skills by investigating the causes and consequences of an historical event of significance to New Zealanders before preparing for up to three external examinations at the end of the year.

Future Pathways:

Level 1 History serves as a grounding in the skills and techniques required for success in the subsequent History courses at Levels 2 and 3. Success at this level will naturally lead to the option to study History again at Level 2 whilst also demonstrating the students ability to communicate effectively and argue a point of view with the intelligent use of evidence.

History fires students’ curiosity and imagination. It invites them to ask, and helps them answer, today’s questions by engaging with the past and imagining and speculating on possible futures. History presents students with the dilemmas, choices, and beliefs of people in the past. It connects students with the wider world as they develop their own identities and sense of place. Students engage with history at personal, local, and international levels. They investigate the histories of their communities, New Zealand, and the wider world.

History is a research-led discipline which encourages an informed understanding of the origins of our diverse society in Aotearoa New Zealand. Central to this understanding is an awareness of the history of the Treaty of Waitangi and of the Treaty’s principles, values, and ongoing relevance. An awareness of history inspires students to become confident, questioning, and empathetic individuals.

As students develop their understanding of the nature of historical inquiry, they employ a robust methodology. They learn to ask and answer important questions, evaluate evidence, identify and analyse different interpretations of the past, and substantiate their arguments and judgments. Students can see why they are learning and what they are learning, and they can debate the significance of the history they learn.

History prepares students for the future. It equips them with knowledge and skills that are valuable and useful throughout life. These include research techniques, the skills needed to process and synthesise varied and complex materials, the skills needed to give clear and effective oral and written presentations, and the ability to articulate ideas and make them clear to others. With these skills, students enhance their employability and are able to participate actively and critically in their societies.

Achievement Standards

AS 91003 Ext 4Cr - Interpret sources of an historical event of significance to New Zealanders

AS 91005 Ext 4 Cr - Describe the causes and consequences of an historical event

AS 91006 Ext 4 Cr - Describe how a significant historical event affected New Zealand society

AS 91001 Int 4 Cr - Carry out an investigation of an historical event, or place, of significance to New Zealanders

AS 91002 Int 4 Cr - Demonstrate understanding of an historical event, or place, of significance to New Zealanders

AS 91004 Int 4 Cr - Demonstrate understanding of different perspectives of people in an historical event of significance to New Zealanders

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