Level 1 Digital Technology


Subject: Digital Technology

Level: Year 11

Code: DGT1

Entry Guidelines:

Experience of coding and writing algorithms using Scratch, HTML/CSS and Javascript would be a great help in understanding this course. The student must have developed a website using HTML/CSS edited images and have explore Java script.

Course Description:

Students will first learn about algorithms, types of languages and evaluate computer interfaces. They will then develop a basic computer game for a specific need using Scratch. Their main project will be to develop a prototype website. During this process they will gathering evidence for 3 internal Achievement Standards.

Term 1 - Computer Science (External)

Term 2 - Basic computer program & Implement basic procedures

Term 3 - Prototype development & Implement basic procedures

Future Pathways:

This course naturally leads on to DGT2 where you will be exploring the development of a multimedia website in support of a more complex social involving refugees. The will be expected to gather authentic information from stakeholder to help them with their practice and deploy their web site for evaluation.

Cost: $15 course consumables, transportation and licensing software, stakeholder costs.

Achievement Standards

AS 91074 3Cr Ext - Computer science

AS 91076 4Cr Int - Construct a basic Computer Program

AS 91047 6Cr Int - Develop and make a prototype

AS 91073 4Cr Int - Implement basic procedures to produce a multimedia product.