Level 1 Materials Technology


Subject: Materials Technology

Level: Year 11

Code: MTY1

Entry Guidelines:

A proven interest and ability in Materials Technology at Y9 &10

Course Description:

Materials Technology is a practical subject that focuses on the activities of designing, making and evaluating projects; using a range of materials, tools and processes.

This is a practical workshop based course.

Students will gain workshop skills through the use of tools and materials to make a project.

Projects are designed, made and evaluated to a brief.

Emphasis is placed on design, drawings, problem solving, hand skills, craftsmanship, finishing and evaluation of finished work.

Technological practice. Doing and making

Technological knowledge. Understanding how materials and systems enable technologies to function.

Nature of Technology. Why technologies are developed. How technologies affect views, attitudes and lives.

You will make practical workshop projects in materials (wood, metal, plastic, etc.) using processes (marking out, cutting, machining, metal casting, finishing etc.) to achieve a final product.

A folio of design work with models, prototypes, photos of the work and process will be presented with the finished project.

All completed Drawings, Related Studies and Practical Project work will be assessed against the relevant standards.

Future Pathways:

Completion of this course at L1, will allow students to progress through L2 & L3 Materials Technology, where they will further increase their design understanding and construction skills.

Cost: $95 for project materials. Addition cost may be incurred with complex projects.

Achievement Standards

AS 91044 Int 4 Cr - Undertake brief development to address a need or opportunity. (This standard may be delivered in other Technology courses)

AS 91047 Int 6 Cr - Undertake development to make a prototype to address a brief. (This standard may be delivered in other Technology courses)

AS 91057 Int 6 Cr - Implement basic procedures using resistant materials to make a specified product (Specialist Category)

AS 91063 Ext 3 Cr -Produce freehand sketches that communicate design ideas