Level 1 Food Technology


Subject: Food Technology Level 2

Level: Year 12

Code: FOD2

Entry Guidelines:

A minimum of 12 Technology credits at Level 1

Course Description:

Food Technology will appeal to students who have a taste for food and design. This course offers a combination of practical cookery skills and new product development.

The course builds upon the skills and knowledge developed in Level 1. The emphasis is to continue to work on practical skills and increase the knowledge and understanding needed to design and create food products which are technically more advanced.

Students will be assessed on two units of work: The first being based on the knowledge and skills required to develop and make an advanced product and the second unit focuses on a product with a nutritional boost for a specific stakeholder.

As with Level 1, this course requires a high level of commitment, as all the practical work for NCEA is assessed in class. There is a large proportion of research and design which must be completed out of school.

Students will need to complete Level 1 Food Technology in order to be able to successfully progress through the theory and practical nature of the Level 2 requirements.

Future Pathways:

The food industry in New Zealand is a major generator of wealth, both in terms of income and employment opportunities. This pathway can lead to a wide range of careers in the food industry, including food technologists and biotechnologists who work to develop new crops, foods and processes that increase the diversity, convenience and desirability of the foods New Zealanders purchase and export. In addition producing, transporting, storing, selling, packaging and all the other aspects of managing food production from the farm to the table require input from a diverse range of technologists in areas such as Food and ICT.

"Technology is the life blood of the food industry and therefore of New Zealand's prosperity and well-being." Dr Sally Hasell, Former President, NZ Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Cost: $95 project materials

Achievement Standards

AS 91351 Int 4 Cr - Implement advanced procedures to process a specified product

AS91356 Int 6 Cr - Develop a conceptual design for an outcome

AS 91354 Int 4 Cr - Undertake brief development to address an issue

AS91363 Ext 4 Cr - Demonstrate understanding of sustainability in design