Level 1 Mathematics (MAT)


Subject: Mathematics level 1 - externally assessed

Level: Year 11

Code: MAT1

Entry Guidelines: Year 10 mathematics.

A good command of algebra and a proven track record of ability to perform well under examination conditions.

Course Description:

This course includes objectives outlined in Levels 5 and 6 of the NZ

Mathematics curriculum. Content from the number and algebra,

geometry and measurement and statistics strands are studied within

a range of meaningful contexts. Students will be expected to reason

logically and systematically, and to communicate mathematical ideas.

Future Pathways:

An essential for those wishing to continue with the MAT 2 course which leads to calculus.

Cost: $26.50 mathematics pack ( workbooks)

Graphics calculator is required. Casio 9750 recommended.

Achievement Standards

AS 91030 Int 3 Cr - Apply measurement in solving problems

AS 90127 Ext 4 Cr - Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems.

AS 90128 Ext 4 Cr - Investigate relationships between tables, equations and graphs.

AS 91031 Ext 4 Cr - Apply Geometric reasoning in solving problems.