Level 1 Religious Studies


Subject: Religious Studies Level 1

Level: Year 11

Code: REL1

Entry Guidelines:

All students take this subject as open enrollment.

Course Description:

Student learning is focused upon deepening their knowledge and thinking in matters that challenge their sense of self and faith. They will explore moral issues, and how moral choices are made, so that they make informed moral decisions and engage in public debate. They will be introduced to concepts of religious truth and how this is revealed. Students will appreciate how Scripture and Church are shaped by history and the Holy Spirit and the importance of respecting other faiths.

Future Pathways:

Cost: Licence to use on-line digital resource $ 7 (To be confirmed)

Attitude Programme $5

Journey Programme $200 (TBC)

Achievement Standards

AS 90816 Int 6 Cr - Understanding the Gospel Story

AS 90818 Int 6 Cr - Conscience, Morality, Values

AS 90819 Int 6 Cr - Trinity (Key Belief)

AS 90817 Int 6 Cr - Reformation (Optional)