Level 1 English


Subject: English Level 1

Level: Year 11

Code: ENG1

Entry Guidelines:

Level 1 English is a compulsory subject for all students.

Course Description:

The NCEA Level 1 English course comprises a range of Achievement Standards that allow students to develop skills in writing, speaking, reading, viewing, listening, and presenting. There is a focus on developing literacy, and ensuring students are prepared for NCEA Levels 2 and 3. In each class a differentiated learning programme will be developed around the student's needs and interests.

Future Pathways:

English is a subject desired by most employers, and in many cases it is an essential prerequisite to further study. The language skills you learn in English are invaluable. They may lead to careers in law, journalism, public relations, advertising, teaching, and will support you in many others roles. The students are assessed through both internal and external achievement standards.

Cost: Nil

Achievement Standards may include:

AS 90052 Int 3 Cr - Produce creative writing

AS 90856 Int 3 Cr - Close viewing of visual text

AS 90053 Int 3 Cr - Produce formal writing

AS 90054 Int 4 Cr - Form personal responses to independently read texts

AS 90852 Int 3 Cr - Explain significant connections across texts

AS 90849 Ext 4 Cr - Show understanding of written texts

AS 90850 Ext 4 Cr - Show understanding of visual texts

AS 90851 Ext 4 Cr - Show understanding of unfamiliar texts