Evelocity – Nelson Competition


Two Garin teams competed in the Nelson competition for the Electric vehicle build. Team 1 – 2 boys. Thomas Tough, Seth Marer. Team 2 – 4 boys. Jed Harris, Quinn Chisholm, Ethan Gilbert, Chris Woodyear-Smith. After a few weeks of planning and sourcing bike parts – then 15 weeks of work. Including 5 workshops; the carts were nearly ready to race. As with all prototypes, modifications were being made, right up the last minute. In the final running of carts there were a few „weak link‟ failures. Some Technical issues (chain breakages) and some electronics issues, that stopped both carts from finishing all the parts of the completion. A lot of learning happened over the course of the build. Awareness of electric powered vehicles was increased. Also a lot of learning took place on how electrical components are put together, wired up and tested. We were working with a 24 volt system.