Year 9 Arts


Code: 9ART Duration: 13 weeks Contribution: $10

Course Description: An introduction to the Visual Arts. Students will explore key elements and principles of visual art. A range of media and techniques will be used to create original art work. Projects will be based on the creative processes of established artists .

Subject: Drama Year 9 Contribution: $0

Course Description: An introduction to the Performing Arts and Drama. The course focuses on performing and devising skills, group co-operation and participation. The basic skills of both subjects are taught with a focus on creating original work and exploring where both arts fit into society today

Subject: Music Year 9 Code: 9 MUS

Contribution: $5 Manuscripts and listening material

Course Description: An introduction to Music. Students will gain practical knowledge of music through listening to and responding to a wide range of music. They will learn skills in playing music and will acquire understanding of how music is composed. They will have opportunities to create and make music and will reflect on the effectiveness of their own and other’s compositions and performances.

Future Pathways: