Garin College Hostel Frequently Asked Questions

What if I finish Prep early? Can I leave?

No. All boarders stay in prep for the whole time. It is a good opportunity to do some study or quiet reading. The school will provide guidance on specific tasks needing to be done regularly at study time.

Can I bring my expensive cricket gear/i-pod/label clothing?

Yes, but you must remember that you are responsible for the security of your belongings. In some cases, we may be able to store large items securely, such as cricket coffins, but this of course, cuts down your ability to use them.

What will I do after school/in the weekends?

The house has sports gear such as cricket gear and basketballs etc. A lot of boarders relax with these after school and in the weekends. Many play sport and train. The gym is available for boarders to use when not in use. The local swimming pool is less than ten minutes walk from the hostel and available open all year round. Boarders play board games, watch TV, listen to music, go mountain biking, go to the movies, visit friends, read, do homework or projects, do music practice, follow sporting activities, do their laundry and support college sports teams playing in our gym or on our playing fields.

Will my stuff get stolen?

This is unlikely, but unfortunately, it sometimes happens. Mostly, boarders lose gear through carelessness. Boarders who are caught stealing, or even ‘borrowing’ without permission, are severely punished. It is important to keep your gear secure, to name it in an obvious and indelible way and perhaps it is wise not to bring your most valuable items to boarding school.

Will I be bullied?

No. All of the undesirable activities associated with boarding schools in the past are in the past themselves. Boarders are taught that it is NEVER appropriate to victimise or exploit another boarders under any circumstances. In the event that something bad does happen, boarders know that if a complaint is received, prompt action will be taken. Garin College has an anti-bullying code which is actively pursued.

    Bullying is when another person, or group of people, abuse or physically hurt someone else. The sorts of things that could occur are:
  • Kicking, punching, hitting
  • Threatening to hurt
  • Calling him/her hurtful names or making hurtful comments
  • Taking belongings off other people
  • Deliberately shutting out others from the group

What if I have problems with work at school – can I get help?

Yes. Your subject teacher or form teacher is the first person you should approach, but if you are too nervous to do so, then the house staff will always be happy to help. House staff have many different subject specialties between them and are usually happy to give a tutorial at any level, given a bit of notice to organise a time.

What if I don’t like the food?

This is unlikely unless you are very fussy indeed. There is a choice at all meals and there is always plenty of bread and spreads.

I don’t know anyone in the house. Will I make friends?

Yes, but it may take a little time before you have really close mates. The best and fastest way is to join in all activities with enthusiasm. When you first arrive you will be assigned a ‘buddy’ who will help you through the first few weeks.

Will I be homesick?

Probably, but not for long. Living at boarding school away from your family is a big change and takes quite a lot of adjustment. Of course you will miss your home and family, but you will get over it soon. Getting involved in activities really helps. If you feel really miserable, make sure you talk to someone about it. for any further questions contact

If you have any other questions please contact Robert Booth (Garin College Hostel Manager ): Phone: +64 3 543 9488/ Email: robertbooth@cloud.garincollege.ac.nz

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