Garin’s boarding establishments are new, architecturally designed residential houses close to the school. With numbers in each house in the twenties, Garin aims to develop a friendly, caring community environment rather than institutional living. We have two hostels, one for boys and one for girls. There are general areas where boys and girls mix for games to relax and other areas where they can share a meal together. Junior students do their homework under the supervision of trained adults and we expect our NCEA pass rate to be 100% among our boarding students!

“Our dietician plans healthy meals, There are no more than two students per room and transport services are provided for students.”Healthy living is important to us and all meals are planned by a dietician. There are no more than two boarders in a room, and
transport services are provided for students to go to all their activities safely.

The College and Hostel were founded to serve the Catholic community in the “top of the South”, the region north of a line between Westport and Kaikoura – but we have students from all over New Zealand, and beyond.

We take that responsibility seriously, and we also work to help our Hostel families become a community.
“Boarding life fosters life-long friendships, a sense of responsibility, leadership and self-reliance.”
The students in the Hostel live in houses that hold no more than 28 students. And although each student has a private space to sleep and live, the Hostels have become caring and supportive “families”.


Why boarders do better

  • Regular study, supervised by adults who can support the students’ learning
  • Professional pastoral care
  • Excellent management and supervision by trained adult supervisors
  • Excellent new facilities


Boarding school offers positive advantages:

  • A safe living environment
  • Develop friendships
  • A fair system of discipline and clear rules
  • Controlled religious environment
  • Improved study conditions with set study times
  • Extra-curricular activities with transport provided
  • Learn independence and self discipline


Rights of the Boarder:

  • Boarders have a right to free and independent access to hostel staff, teachers, counsellors, administration and ancillary staff, and their parents.
  • Boarders have a right to expect that the hostel is a safe place in which to live
  • Boarders have a right to live in an environment which respects differences in gender, religion, beliefs, ethnicity, culture, social perspective, family or geographic origin.
  • Boarders have a right to expect discipline in the hostel to be based on the principles of fairness, consistency and justice.


Responsibilities of the Boarder:

All students are expected to uphold the Catholic Character of the hostel and school.
Follow the Hostel rules.


Boarding Fees for International students 2017:

Boarding fee per annum: $ 12,500
Transport fee $120 per term: $ 480
100% refundable bond $ 1,500 per family
Weekend and Holiday Homestay @ 45 per night $ 2,475


2017 Hostel Application Form

2016 Garin College International Parent And Student Boarding Handbook

International Hostel Information Sheet

What we do for students . . .

  • We insist on regular homestudy
  • If students have problems, our pastoral and management staff help solve them
  • We help each student to continue to grow as a person, and educationally
  • We take students to after-school activities, and make sure they are organised to fit in all the things they need to do.

. . . and what students do for the community

  • Our boarders are an important part of the Richmond parish
  • Our boarders are involved in the life of the Richmond community in their sport, culture and Christian Service
  • Every boarder has a responsibility to look after the people in the Hostel family

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