Care & Support

We believe this is one of the the most important parts of our programme.  If our students are to be successful at school they must be feeling cared about and supported both in school and at home.  So we have a team of 8 people in our international office to help our students in all areas of their lives.

These people are the International Director, International administrator, Homestay coordinator, ESOL teacher and teacher responsible for “in school” support and three international teacher assistants who go into classes to help our students in the classroom.

Diana Murdoch: Director International Students

Diana is responsible for the international student programme. She is interested in you and committed to your success and happiness. You are welcome to talk with Diana anytime.

Denise Gerrish: Administrator

Denise provides administration support and can help you with student visas; pocket money; uniform, library & computer access or anything else you are not sure of.

Jacqui Cleary: Homestay Co-ordinator

Jacqui places students in homestays and provides pastoral care and support for you and your family.  She can help with any questions you may have concerning your homestay or hostel.

Nida Joyce: English Language Teacher

Nida is your English language teacher and your academic advisor.  She helps with your timetable, class assessments and anything else you are worried about regarding your school work.




All our international students are cared for in a safe family environment in one of our modern hostels, or with one of our experienced homestay families.  They are all given an emergency card which has a 24 hour emergency contact number.

Our Hostel and Homestay programmes focus on our International students quickly feeling part of a family environment.

  • We organise regular activities for our students and we go on a trip together twice a year in the school holidays.
  • We know all our homestay families personally



English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) is a service we provide for all our non-native english speaking International Students.

We teach ESOL in very small classes where the individual needs of each student are met. This ensures that advanced students are extended and elementary students learn the basics of English. Our Garin College ESOL programme Level 3 is one of the few in New Zealand which has been granted NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) accreditation. This means it has been assessed and is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and all students completing this course will receive a separate NZQA certificate.

Nida Joyce is our dedicated ESOL teacher, her experience and support helps to ensure that all our non-native english speaking students receive as much opportunity to improve their language skills as possible while living and studying at Garin.

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