Club Garin

Our Core Philosophy

From the very first days of Garin we said that we acted to offer a widest range of outside the classroom activities that we could possibly manage without compromising quality of delivery.
Club Garin (explained below) has become our main vehicle for “Garin-teeing” that we are able to offer a wide range of opportunities to our students in the three areas of Sport, Arts and Community service.
“The Journey” programme originated from a need our school community identified to provide students with some genuine experiences in the outdoors that challenged them on both a personal and spiritual level.
The journey over a five year period blends both Outdoor Education and Spiritual Reflection in a robust and energising programme which truly reflects our special character.

Fubdamental Principles

  • We expect students to partake in all four areas as part of the Garin Experience.
  • We believe if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
  • We are asking our students to plan their activities
    sensibly so that they do not over commit themselves and that whatever they involve themselves in, they enjoy and achieve.
  • Our philosophy of involvement and commitment is all about personal growth of the individual.
  • Our fundamental principles quite simply stated, are belief and effort.


Club Garin

Club Garin is a super club organisation which oversees all non-classroom parts of the curriculum.
There are four cells to Club Garin:


How Club Garin Works

  • We will find the best possible coaches/tutors available for our activities
  • We will employ the best available training programmes for our participants
  • We will provide top facilities as activities venues
  • We will promote competition opportunities within the school and inter- school, interclub and national events for activities we support
  • We will provide quality playing gear to enhance our participants’ performances
  • All our activities will have parental support because our families willingly support their children
  • Activities will be adequately funded through appropriate sponsorship and/or user-pays principles
  • Participation is an important base principle and this is enhanced by performance opportunities for those who wish to take an activity to the highest level

Club Garin Inc
Club Garin Inc is a subcommittee of Club Garin. It is an incorporated society able to attract targeted funding, and is run professionally by a committee made up of a business manager (our school accountant), staff and school management reps, and parent reps. Club Garin Inc’s primary role is to attract and distribute funds to the four Club Garin cells.
Club Garin – Sport
The following sports are currently offered at Garin College:
Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross-country, Cycling, Netball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Rugby, Soccer, Squash, Tennis, Touch, Triathlon, and Volleyball.
Club Garin – Arts
Club Garin Arts begins each year with a cultural Expo evening where students are introduced to Arts culture and activities.
Present Arts activities usually include Choirs, Ensemble music groups, Musical instrument tutoring, Wow Quest, Stage Challenge and our school Arts festival – Mahi Toi, Kapahaka, O’Shea Shield, Shakespeare, Theatre Sports, Improvisation, Dance Classes.
Club Garin – Community Service
Numerous service opportunities occur each year and are advertised widely inviting students to participate. Young Vinnies is our key service group and many students elect to join or continue this activity when they start at Garin.
Buddy swimming is another vital community activity our students always support.
Club Garin- Programme
The Journey is our unique spiritual/outdoor education programme that involves a progression of experiences and exploration over the course of the five years students are here.

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