Our Team

We have a very experienced international staff.

  • Our director of International students, Diana Murdoch, takes responsibility for the overall management of the programme and is responsible for the pastoral care of all our international students
  • A language teacher
  • A homestay coordinator
  • A teacher assistant to work with students in mainstream classes
  • An administrator who helps with visas and general questions


Diana Murdoch:Director of International Student

Diana Murdoch has worked with international students for 19 years. She loves being part of the education of young people and she is the Director of the International Student Programme. Diana also has 2 children of her own and can understand how difficult it is to send your child to another country to study.

Denise Gerrish:International Administrator

Denise provides administration support and can help you with student visas; pocket money, uniform, library and computer access or anything else you ar not sure of.


Jaqui Cleary:Homestay Coordinator

Jacqui places students in homestays and provides pastoral care and support for you and your family. She can help with any questions you may have concerning your homestay or the hostel.


Nida Joyce: English Language Teacher

This is Mrs Nida Joyce. She is our English language teacher, she also helps the students in their other classes and she is responsible for their subject selection. Nida has many years experience teaching English and she is also a qualified High School Mathematics teacher. Nida has spent time teaching English in Taiwan.

Gabrielle Blakemore, English Language Teacher

Gabrielle is the English Language teacher for the junior students.

Jane Linn, Literacy Co-ordinator

Jane is the STEPS and Literacy Co-ordinator providing international students with the literacy skills and knowledge to help them in mainstream classes. Jane also supports students with Religious Education at NCEA Level 1 & 2.

Janine Taylor, Literacy Support

Janine is a Literacy Support teacher providing international students with the literacy skills and knowledge to help them in mainstream classes.

Trudie Walter, International Student Dean

Trudie is responsible for academic and pastoral support.

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