Junior Uniform

In summer: the College white short-sleeved blouse for girls, the College royal blue short-sleeved polo shirt, or white short-sleeved shirt for boys.

In winter: the College long-sleeved white blouse for girls, the College white long-sleeved shirt for boys.

Items common to both seasons:

  • The College plaid skirt (fitted to be worn from the waist)
  • The College royal blue jersey
  • The College sleeveless polar-fleece with monogram
  • The College uniform shoes are black leather lace-ups with non-marking soles
  • Black leather sandals without socks may be worn in terms 1 and 4

With shoes and shorts, boys must wear the College black socks with royal blue stripe; girls must wear white ankle socks or black tights.
The College clerical grey long trousers or shorts (fitted to be worn from the waist). Girls who wish to buy uniform trousers must contact our Uniform Manager.

Optional: the College blue and black woollen scarf, the College polarfleece vest for juniors, and the College black woollen vest for seniors.

Please note: items from the sports uniforms, PE uniforms, or tracksuit are not to be worn as part of our normal school uniform. Other items of clothing are not to be worn with our school uniform.

Senior uniform

All students may choose to wear this uniform at any time, and seniors (years 11-13 ) must wear it in terms 2 and 3 and when representing the school on formal occasions. Including being commissioned as Eucharistic Ministers, being commissioned as a leader, reading at Mass, receiving blues to recognise excellence, or leading a public assembly.

In Summer:
Senior Students may wear the College clerical grey long trousers or shorts, black leather sandals, College short-sleeved shirts, and the College black woollen vest without blazer or tie.

In Winter (terms 2 and 3) and on formal occasions:

  • Clerical grey uniform trousers for boys or girls, worn with black socks with the royal blue stripe and black leather lace-up shoes
  • The College plaid skirt for girls (fitted to be worn from the waist)
  • College blazer with monogram
  • College tie or scarf
  • College long-sleeve shirt for boys
  • College long-sleeve blouse for girls
  • Senior girls wear black tights or black stockings above the knee
  • Senior students have the option of wearing the College black woollen vest underneath their blazer (but not instead of the College blazer).

Physical Education Uniform

Year 9-11 students have compulsory PE and need to wear the correct uniform: tee-shirt in house colour and shorts (must be purchased from the College). Students may wear appropriate sports shoes and socks outside with their PE uniform.

Jewellery & Hairstyles

Girls may wear a single sleeper in the lobe of each ear. No other visible body piercing is allowed.
Students may wear a cross or taonga.

Hair must be a natural colour. Hair must be off the face, and hair for all students must be off the collar or tied back.

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