Our 2016 Garin College Dux was an international student from Japan. This is an amazing achievement as he was studying in his second language and competing against all the local students. We had other top achievers who were also international students.

So we are really proud of our exam results! Our international students have shown that if you put in the work you can achieve excellent results. We have had international students amongst the top achieving students for NCEA Level 3. This is an amazing achievement as they are studying in their second language and still manage to achieve as well as our best New Zealand students.

Garin College students achieved above the national average in the national NCEA assessments at all levels.

Garin NCEA Level 1:
Pass Rate 94% (National Average 85%)
Endorsed with Merit 34%
Endorsed with Excellence 28%

Garin NCEA Level 2:
Pass Rate 93% (National Average 88.1%)
Endorsed with Merit 29%
Endorsed with Excellence 14%

Garin NCEA Level 3:
Pass Rate 82% (National Average 82%)
Endorsed with Merit 25%
Endorsed with Excellence 24%

Garin University Entrance 75% (National Average 63%)

Universities our International Students have graduated to include:

Edinburgh University in the UK

Waseda University in Japan

University of Warwick in the UK

ANU (Australia National University) in Australia

University of Auckland in New Zealand

Otago University in New Zealand

Sydney University in Australia

Macquarie University in Sydney Australia

RMIT University in Melbourne Australia

APU University in Tokyo

Obelin University in Japan

Hong Kong University in China






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