Academic Achievement – Scholarships 2019

Feb 16, 2020

It is with great admiration and pleasure I announce and celebrate the impressive academic achievement of our senior students who have gained a combined total of ten scholarships including one outstanding Scholarships in 2019. Congratulations to Theo Gabites Outstanding Scholarship English, Max Francis Scholarship English, Louise Hammersley Scholarship English, Molly Langelaan Scholarship English, John Noble Scholarship English, Reuben Panting Scholarship English, Grace Roche Scholarship English, Oliver Inman Scholarship Visual Arts Photography, Megan Ritchie Scholarship Geography, Dylan Didi Scholarship History. We congratulate and thank each and every student for their commitment and diligence throughout
the year. Our students have been taught and nurtured by their equally dedicated and professional teachers who tirelessly encouraged, guided and motivated all 33 students who entered scholarship examinations across 10 subjects areas. Seven scholarships gained from the one learning area of English is absolutely outstanding, this success is reflective of the comprehensive Scholarship English Program offered to year 11-13 students by Ms Abbie Wright, Head of English.

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