Farewell to Staff Leaving – 2022

Dec 9, 2022

As the 2022 school year concludes we farewell five long serving teachers and support staff;

– Mr Jeremy Cumming – Assistant Principal & Director of Religious Studies following 4 years leadership since 2018

– Mr Scott Healey – Teacher of RE, Physical Education since 2015 in his role as Head of faculty in recent years.

– Mr Andrew Penman – Teacher of English since 2011.

– Mrs Paula Wilkes – Teacher Aide, since 2007

– Mr David Dewhurst – Teacher of Technology – since 2004

– We also farewell Rachel Cookson HOF and Teacher of Mathematics; Ashleigh Cumming Teacher of RE; Jacquie Arnold – Teacher of Literacy and Numeracy; Stephanie Fisk – Uniform Shop Manager and Julia Grigg – student Counsellor.

We acknowledge and thank all departing staff for your gifts of service to Garin and the many students you nurtured and influenced through your work over the years.

David Dewhurst   2004 – July 2022

We farewell Mr David Dewhurst following his extensive commitment and service to Garin. David joined Garin in 2004 providing 18.5 years of outstanding and dedicated service to the College. Teaching Digital and Materials Technology Education, David is well recognised by colleagues, students and parents for his innovation and commitment to advancing student learning  in the ever changing digital world. David’s enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and love of learning was evidenced in his commitment to learners within and beyond the classroom through his service in all dimensions of the College. We wish David every success in his future.

Paula Wilks 2004 – 2022 

Paula Wilks has worked with hundreds of students in her 18 years as part of the student services team since beginning her position at Garin as a Teacher Aide commencing on 27 January 2004. Over this time of service Paula has had a few short gaps in employment to travel, be with family and develop her artistic talents.  

Paula has gently nurtured and provided learning support to encourage independence for our students as they overcome individual barriers or challenges and reach their highlights of success. I know Paula has loved her job and always sees the strengths in students bringing out the best in them. Her ethos of team work and achieving personal success has been highly valued and she has role modelled this to our students. Paula’s own children have been educated at Garin and have also returned to share their growth since leaving school. Paula will be so fondly remembered and warmly missed. We wish Paula every happiness as she intends being more available for family and her grandchildren in the years ahead.

Andrew Penman   2011 – July 2022

We farewell Mr Andrew Penman after 11.5 years of Teaching at Garin College since 2011. Andrew’s passion for teaching English has empowered his learners toward success throughout the years. The College and Learners have been privileged to have Andrew share his talent and skill in performance music, sound and recording, he has inspired our learners in their journey within the performing arts. Andrew’s passion for football was clearly evident in his many years of dedicated service to sport as coach and manager of Garin Football. Andrew has provided outstanding opportunities for students to engage and succeed in all dimensions of their schooling at Garin. We wish Andrew every success for his future.

Scott Healey   2015 – 2022

We farewell Mr Scott Healy after 7 years of outstanding and dedicated service to Garin College. Scott joined the College in 2015 as whānau teacher, teacher of Religious Education and Tagged Teacher, he was promoted to Acting Head of Faculty Physical Education in 2019 and then to HOF PE  in 2020. Scott’s leadership in Catholic Special Character, and his inclusive  approach in education, has been greatly valued and appreciated by learners and their whānau.Through Scott’s love of learning and commitment to promote the well being  hauora of all Ākonga, he empowered and motivate learners in their schooling and overall achievement for success. Forever passionate about sport, Scott promoted and inspired learners to engage in all co-curricular sports and provided many outstanding opportunities for participation and engagement, most notably rugby, touch rugby and rugby 7’s, attending many regional and national tournaments. We wish Scott every success in his future.

Jeremy Cumming   2018 – Nov 2022

We farewell and thank Mr Jeremy Cumming for his leadership and service at Garin College throughout 5 years since joining Garin College in January 2018.  We recognise the contribution Jeremy has made as a whānau teacher, teacher of Religious Education, Director of Religious Education (DRS), Head of Faculty RE and more recently Assistant Principal. Jeremy’s leadership of our Catholic Special Character has provided an authentic experience of faith for our learners, staff, whānau and community throughout these years. Jeremy’s commitment to raising achievement, and overall educational success for all learners in his care has been inspirational and deeply valued by our learners and their whānau. We wish Jeremy every success for his ongoing journey in leading learning for rangatahi in Aotearoa.

Stephanie Fisk 2019 – 2022

We farewell and thank Mrs Stephanie Fisk for her service and support of students and whānau through her retail work and management of the Garin College Uniform Shop since 2019. Stephanie’s reliability, care and understanding of students and whānau as they take their tentative steps preparing for their journey through Garin has been outstanding. Along with her extensive experience and knowledge of the Garin uniform, Stephanie’s deep connection with the Garin Catholic Special Character has promoted and supported all learners as they transition to Garin College. We wish Stephanie every success for her future.




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