Student Leaders 2018

  • Service Leader: John – Paul Schryvers and Amy Swanson
  • Learning Leader: Ariane Turton and Nathan Powick
  • Ngā Amorangi Leader: Jacob Northage and Tiare Donelan
  • Sport: Jessica Stock and Ryan Churchill
  • Arts: Leon Seufert and Patience Davis

House Captains 2018

  • Aubert House: Duncan Drysdale and Claudia Leonard
  • Barbier House: Nairn Wilson and Tiare Donelan
  • MacKillop House: Henry Bowden and Hannah Stevenson
  • McAuley House: Jake Hungerford and Emma Lackner

International Student leaders

  • Kalychia Rumints
  • Mickey Chen

Hostel Student Leaders

  • Leon Seufert
  • Pepa Whitteker-Edgar
  • Leanne Luo

Enviroschools Captain

  • Hannah Pressman

Health and Wellbeing Captains

  • Jakiah Young
  • Kate McCashin

Ball Committee

  • Sophie Cleal
  • Kate Lightowlers

Performing Arts Captain

  • Max Schneider

Head Library Assistants

  • Aaliyah Gill
  • Cayla Smith
  • Jamie Morgan

Career Ambassadors

  • Sam Ashley (McAuley)
  • Derek Dossman (Aubert)
  • Jessica Stock (Barbier)
  • Jordi Van Veen (MacKillop)