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Welcome to Garin College

Hello and Welcome to Garin College. I am happy you are visiting our website and I encourage you to take your time and have a good look around.  I am very proud of our school, our successful international programme and all our international students.

I have worked with international students for 28 years and I love being part of their education and seeing the changes as they grow into young adults who can make their way in the world.  I also have my own sons’ so I understand the challenges and joys of being a parent.

It is important to me that our students graduate from Garin College with academic results they are proud of and a sense of who they are and how they fit into our world.

I invite you to learn more about our school, and specifically our International programme, and what we have to offer. Please contact us for more information or email myself personally at

You can also see more of what we do on our Facebook page.

I know choosing the right school is a very big decision and I am happy to help in any way.



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International Students at Garin College

Prize-giving – German International Student

Education New Zealand: Spanish

Studying in New Zealand: Japanese Parent