Bus Information


  1. All eligible students on the Waimea side of Garin College connect with the Waimea College Buses.  A ‘feeder’ bus transports all Garin students on these buses from the Waimea College Bus Bay to Garin College.  (This bus is clearly positioned and signed).
  2. Students from the Nelson City side of Garin board a “Garin Express” bus which departs Clifton Terrace school at 7.55 am and travels via the Wood, City Central Terminal, Waimea Road, Bishopdale, Stoke (Stoke Straight) to Garin. At 3.15 pm the Garin Express delivers students home essentially reversing the morning connections and routes.  If students are using the bus they must fill out a bus users form and carry a bus ticket with them at all times. Bus Students using the Garin Express will purchase a Term Bus Pass from the college.
  3. Eligible students using the Waimea buses purchase tickets direct from Suburban Bus Lines.   (Students travelling from Motueka, Tasman, Mapua and Upper Moutere may be eligible and need to apply for the subsidy).  Subsidised students use a concession ticket system and are reimbursed for the cost incurred. The bus users form mentioned above also serves as the application form for reimbursement purposes.