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Garin College – Attendance

Attending school on a regular basis is essential for a successful education. We ask that you advise us if your child is absent from school for any reason. You can do this by emailing or by leaving a message on our answer phone at 5439490.

If you receive a text message regarding attendance you can reply to this text message.

If you wish to check the attendance of your child at any time you can log into the Garin College Parent Portal.

Signing in and out through the School Office:

The signing in and out process is to help us keep track of our students should there be a fire drill, lockdown etc.  Students must sign in and out during the day via the student office e.g. for a dental or doctor’s appointment, trip, arriving at school late etc.  These absences must be explained by a parent/guardian or caregiver. An email or phone call from home is still the best way to explain these absences on the day.

Parents and Caregivers should advise of student external appointments in advance; our Admin Team will pre-recorded the absence in our attendance system which will aid in the quick release of your student from school. Please phone the attendance line (5439490) or email

If feeling unwell during the day:

Students must check in to the Student Office if they are feeling unwell during the day.  We can then monitor them in the sick bay if needed. It also means we can contact you to make arrangements for them to be picked up.  Please ensure you have spoken with one of the office staff before collecting your student. It is important that students are picked up from the office/reception area. Please do not make arrangements other than this with your students.

Trips during term time:

A reminder that if your student is going to be away for three or more days for a non-school related trip/competition or for a holiday, please contact the school in advance.  For these events, please email at least a week beforehand.