Garin College is a Catholic Co-Ed, State Integrated Secondary College – the Garin College Integrated Agreement identifies the maximum roll as 670 students and states that the College may enrol a maximum of 10% of students as non-preference.

Preference enrolment is granted to applicants who have received and presented a Preference Enrolment Certificate that has been authorised by an agent of the Roman Catholic Bishop for the Archdiocese of Wellington.

Non-preference enrolment is open to students who are non-catholic who have not meet the Criteria for Preference of Enrolment in Integrated Catholic Schools as described within the Preference Enrolment Certificate Archdiocese of Wellington

Should you seek further information regarding Preference and Non-preference enrolment, please contact the Garin College office, or your local Catholic Parish Priest.

If you would like to see how that affects your family, please contact our Principal John Maguire, or phone the school office, 543 9488.

Principal John Maguire may be available to meet families considering Garin for their secondary schooling, or wishing to discuss their preference (or non-preference) situation. Just phone the school, or email achieve@garincollege.ac.nz for an appointment or a paper copy of our prospectus.


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