There is a lot more to life than just classes! With regular activities, camps,  international dinners, international dances and more, life at Garin College can be very full!

There are many clubs and lessons offered at Garin College and also for any students who wish to participate in other sports not offered, we can organise this for them.

Our Core Philosophy

From the very first days of Garin we said that we acted to offer a widest range of outside the classroom activities that we could possibly manage without compromising quality of delivery.

Club Garin (explained below) has become our main vehicle for “Garin-teeing” that we are able to offer a wide range of opportunities to our students in the three areas of Sport, Arts and Community service.

“The Journey” programme originated from a need our school community identified to provide students with some genuine experiences in the outdoors that challenged them on both a personal and spiritual level.

The journey over a five year period blends both Outdoor Education and Spiritual Reflection in a robust and energising programme which truly reflects our special character.

Fundamental Principles

We expect students to partake in all four areas as part of the Garin Experience.

We believe if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

We are asking our students to plan their activities sensibly so that they do not over commit themselves and that whatever they involve themselves in, they enjoy and achieve.

Our philosophy of involvement and commitment is all about personal growth of the individual.

Our fundamental principles quite simply stated, are belief and effort.


Journey Programme


Garin encourages all international students to participate in sports activities and our teams perform well.

Netball Game

Summer Sports (Term 1 and Term 4)

  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Touch Rugby
  • Summer Football
  • Rugby Sevens
  • Adventure Racing
  • Tennis (offered through local clubs)

Winter Sports (Term 2 and Term 3)

  • Football
  • Rugby Union
  • Netball
  • Boys Hockey
  • Basketball

Annual Sporting Events (once per year)

  • Cross-Country (Term 2)
  • Sports Exchange with other local schools – Queen Charlotte College & Golden Bay (both in Term 2)
  • Skiing Championships (Term 3)
  • Table Tennis (Term 2)
  • Swimming Championships (Term 2)
  • Mountain Biking Championships (Term 1)
  • Winter Sports Tournament Week (Term 2)

You can see more about sport and our sporting achievements at Garin College here…


Drama Performance

The Nelson region is famous for nurturing the arts, with a rich culture of artisans choosing to live and work in the area. Garin College is proud to offer a full range of courses in both the visual and performing arts.

Our curriculum includes courses in Dance and Drama, with a focus on performing and devising skills, group co-operation and participation, and Art courses that develop student skills in Design, Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking.

Garin holds an arts festival every year in which students have the opportunity to participate in activities including drama, singing, music, speech, poetry and comedy.

Garin is one of only a handful of schools offering Dance as a subject.

Music lessons are provided for year 9 students with the instrument of their choice free.

Club Garin – Arts

Club Garin Arts begins each year with a cultural Expo evening where students are introduced to Arts culture and activities.

Present Arts activities usually include Choirs, Ensemble music groups, Musical instrument tutoring, Wow Quest, Stage Challenge and our school Arts festival – Mahi Toi, Kapa Haka, O’Shea Shield, Shakespeare, Theatre Sports, Improvisation, Dance Classes.

Clubs & Lessons

There is a wide variety of clubs and lessons available in and outside school.

At Garin College this winter we have 5 rugby teams, 3 basketball teams and 7 netball teams as well as 9 other sports on offer to all our students.  For any students who wish to participate in other sports not offered, we can organise this for them. Homestay families and hostel staff transport students to many after school activities. At present we have students in rugby, basketball, badminton, ballet and taekwondo.

Clubs, groups and tuition outside school can be found on

Sports Clubs available in Richmond:














Martial Arts

Motor Sports



Roller Skating


Rugby League





Table Tennis




Water Sports



Sports Clubs at Garin College:

Our Summer Sports Include:





Touch Rugby

Lawn Bowls

Our Winter Sports Include:






There are also music lessons offered for students.

Outdoor Activities


The Journey

Our Journey is a school wide five year programme based in the amazing outdoor environment of the “top of the South”.  It is compulsory for all students and we support our international students to take part. The Journey contains elements from all of our curriculum areas – but with a special partnership between the challenges of the natural environment – and the challenges of the spiritual environment. We combine the physical challenges of outdoor education with the spiritual challenges of a retreat programme.

International Camps

One of the special features of our programme is the international student camps we offer in the school holidays twice each year. These camps are organised by the students and supervised by our International staff.

We have been to Golden Bay, Wellington (capital of NZ), Kaikoura, Hanmer Springs and the Marlborough Sounds. Our students have a great experience and lots of fun doing activities such as kayaking, fishing, bonfires on the beach, swimming and exploring the environment as well as just “hanging out”together.  We all take turns in cooking and share our meals together. This is also special time for our International team and the students to relax and spend time together and get to know each other better outside the more formal school environment. For some of our students this is the first time they have stayed in accommodation only a few metres from the beach and cooked together for other people. There are lots of laughs and lots of learning for everyone.

Please visit our Facebook page and Gallery to view our photos.

International Dinners

Each term we try to go out together to a local restaurant and share a meal together.  This also gives us a chance to get to know each other better in a social setting and enjoy some good food in a relaxed and informal environment.