Student Leaders 2019

  • Service Leader: Jed Frethey and Megan Ritchie
  • Learning Leader: Amy Krammer and Dylan Didi
  • Ngā Amorangi Leader: Christian Andrew and Rihania MacDonald
  • Sport: Tele Likiliki and Zac Lackner
  • Arts: Theo Gabites and Jade Alborn

House Captains 2019

  • Aubert House: Hannah Price and Hamish Shelly
  • Barbier House: Hamish Thomson and Sierra Pope
  • MacKillop House: Zara Harris and Alex Cattermole
  • McAuley House: James Johnson and Darrlynn Simone

International Student leaders

  • Leanne Lup, Aya Honzawa

Hostel Student Leaders

  • Pepa Whittaker-Edgar, Kuba Szewczyk

Enviroschools Captain

  • Aster Harmonie

Health and Wellbeing Captains

  • Levi Smith and Ciatlin Roberts

Ball Committee

  • Molly Langelaan

Performing Arts Captain

  • Reuben Nimmo

Footprints Design Editor

  • Oliver Inman

Head Library Assistants


Career Ambassadors

  • Tele Likiliki, Noah Law, Oliver Inman, Shona Gladstone, Pepa Whittaker-Edgar