Girls Hostel News

Jun 9, 2023

We are at a very busy period of the year at Mother Teresa House. Saturdays are an enjoyable nightmare as we get the boarders to all their different sporting venues for Winter sports. They are also very busy rehearsing (with the boys) for a combined Hostel dance for Mahi Toi.

We were happy to welcome Father Cirilo and Mr Maguire to our home for a meal a few weeks ago. It was a brief visit as the girls were heading down to the school for Twilight Notes which was very enjoyable.

Anyone following the Hostel Facebook page would be aware that we donated our Lent money to an elderly couple whose home was badly damaged during Cyclone Gabrielle. We received a lovely letter from St Pius Central Hawkes Bay St Vincent de Paul Society who were the go-betweens for the couple and ourselves. They included photos of Fred and Pam Dyer as well as the devastation of their home and their grateful thanks to everyone at the hostel who had sacrificed their dessert during Lent to raise the money.

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