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Mass of Creativity

May 28, 2018

Te Wairua o nga Mahi Toi, is now launched for 2018! To the theme “God is the author of Life and we are co-creators” we celebrated our mass of creativity 24 May. Fr Seph reminded us “Garin College was established with a vision of helping the Catholic young people to become the adults they were created to be, the vision of each person stretching to reach their potential in a wide range of areas. Mahi Toi is one of those areas to extend and celebrate your talents he said, telling our students, you are the vision, enjoy Mahi Toi. Thank you to St Pauls, St Joseph’s, our parents and community for joining us in our wonderful celebration. Well done to our Arts Leaders Patience Davis and Leon Sufert and our arts coordinator Lisa De Vries, this is an exciting time of year in the college as students celebrate and share their giftedness in “ The Spirit of the Arts”. Over the weeks to come students will be planning and preparing their house singing, dance, speech, drama, comedy, poetry, solo music and group performances, art, photography, film, baking, wearable arts and so much more. Alongside this, students will engage in a range of workshops to support a broad range of interests. We look forward to the whole school events in week 8 and Mahi Toi showcase in week 10.

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