Prizegiving 2022

Nov 7, 2022

Friday 2 December at 7pm, in Garin’s gym

We welcome our parent and whānau school community to our 2022 Prizegiving. We will notify families of prizewinning recipients closer to the time.

We encourage all Garin parents/whānau to attend this ceremony. Due to seating limitations, we will initially fill the gym with families of prizewinning students and invited guests; a live stream will also be shown in our library once we have reached our gym capacity.   Should you wish to watch from the comfort of your own home, you can livestream on this link.

The Gym doors will be open from 6.30pm – to ensure seating, please arrive early. 

Please note – due to a Paid Union Meeting on the afternoon of Fri 2 December, school will be closed – buses will run as below:

Due to the union meeting on the 2nd Dec we will be running the College only buses as below:

1245 from Waimea bus bay (1 feeder bus from Garin at 1235)








D100433 – from Garin at 1235

The rest of the runs need to be at normal time due to being mixed loading runs

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