Scholarships 2025

Jun 25, 2024

Needing Financial Help to attend Garin in 2025?

Scholarships are again available for 2025. Thanks to the generosity of Nancy Black (Twinkle), we have a number of scholarships available. 

Due to the increasing cost of living and financial demands placed on families, we want to ensure the scholarship fund provides financial support to the many families needing it to enable access to an education at Garin – this was very much Nancy Black’s heart and intention as the benefactor. 

We also encourage applications for those existing Garin students who are able to demonstrate outstanding potential in academic, sporting, cultural, leadership and faith-based activities. 

Scholarship information and applications can be found on our website. We also have hard copies for you to collect from the office.

Note, Scholarship funds are to enable a student to attend Garin College and to access curriculum related aspects; monies awarded must be allocated to expenses such as: assistance with transport (bus fees), uniform, Attendance Dues (ADW) fee, school donations, camp donations. 

Financial Scholarship applications need to supply a proof of income please.

Andrea Colley, Principal’s EA


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