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Te Wairua o ngā Mahi Toi

Apr 6, 2023

Kia ora Koutou Whānau

Week 9 in term two, we celebrate Te Wairua o nga Mahi Toi, our Garin College Arts festival.

We will be inviting students to submit various creative works for the festival and the holidays
would be a great time to make a start.

The categories will include:

Art – 2D ( photography, painting, drawing or mixed media for an art display)
Digital – TikToks, Short Films, stop go animations to be shown to the whole school during the festival
WEAR – This section is always a highlight of Mahi Toi , with a fashion show of the creations held
during the festival.

Environmentally Friendly
Art – that is
We will have three categories for WEAR 2023 – hats, accessories or full outts.
The purpose of WEAR is for your creation to be made from materials that are recycled
and can again be recycled at a later date.
We would prefer you not to use new materials – even if they may be recycled.
You may use new fastenings such as zips, buttons,domes and velcro ,
if you are not able to source these second hand
You may also use paints, glues dye and other products to colour your creation.
Please do not use plastic or balloons in your designs unless the plastic is recycled –
for example old milk bottles.
Have a good clean up in the linen cupboard or the shed
and see if you can nd any interesting materials to work with.

Included in Mahi Toi are live performances:
We invite students who would like the opportunity to perform to the school in either Dance,
Drama or Music. This year we will have two opportunities – one for those comfortable performing
in front of the whole school and another opportunity for those more comfortable performing
to a smaller audience.
If this sounds like something you would like to do we will have a sign up sheet
at the start of the term where students will be able to let us know what they would like to do.

We hope you have a wonderful creative holiday.
Ngā mihi
The Arts Faculty

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