Uniform Shop – Operational Review

May 20, 2022

Uniform Survey Results

As noted in our last newsletter, we are currently reviewing the provision and sale of the College Uniform from our on-site uniform shop. The Garin College uniform shop has operated effectively on-site since 2002 when the College opened. As the student roll has grown steadily over the years, there is an ever-increasing demand for school uniform supply and sales.

As mentioned, our review needs to consider our growing student population and the pressure this puts on our physical space available for teaching and learning.  We wish to consider aspects such as access for students and whānau for fitting and purchase of uniform, particularly at peak purchasing times.  Other factors of consideration are uniform quality, and sustainability in supply and pricing.

While there remains a range of options available for the sale of the Garin College uniform, we are presently exploring the option of engaging a uniform retailer to sell the Garin College Uniform from a School Uniform Retail Shop in the Nelson/Richmond region. 

Thank you to the 127 people who responded to this survey and provided us with thoughts for consideration going forward and feedback on current processes and experiences.  Your valuable feedback provides us with great insight into your needs when shopping for your child’s uniform. 

Survey results

  • 78% respondents indicated Pricing as an important factor,
  • 77% indicated Shop Hours as an important factor,
  • 76% indicated Second Hand uniform purchase options as an important factor,
  • 65% indicated a Fitting Room as an important factor,
  • 60% indicated Quality as an important factor,
  • 53% indicated Online Purchasing as an important factor,
  • 36% indicated that a Retail Shop option is an important factor,
  • 19% indicated that a Scholarship support option is an important factor.

Thank you again for your insight and recommendations.  As we review uniform operations for Garin College we strive to ensure the quality, supply, accessibility and pricing meet your needs. I look forward to informing you of the outcome of our uniform shop review in due course.

John Maguire


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