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Enrolling at Garin College

If you would like an Application pack sent to you, please phone the College 543 9488, or email achieve@garincollege.ac.nz. Alternatively you can go to the Enrolling Section and download an enrolment form.

Our Vision:

Garin College is a Catholic school where students reach their potential in a wide range of areas. Academic opportunity and achievement are central to our students’ balanced development. Our graduates are young Catholic and Christian men and women of faith, hope and integrity – people who have strong clear values, and a sense of their responsibility to make a difference. We make a particular effort to support marginalised students and those at risk of not succeeding: with a special awareness of Maori, Pasifika and special needs students.
(Garin Board description 2012)

Our Mission:

We are … a true Christian community in which all members are accepted and encouraged to commit themselves in growing towards the fullness of their creation.
(Charter 2012)

Garin Campus Aerial Photo


Please take time to view us in our Introduction to Garin College video.

  • It is my pleasure to welcome you to Garin College. We are proud of our School, our Students, our Teachers and Staff. I invite you to explore our website, and learn more about our 21st century school.