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The purpose of our Catholic Special Character is in seeking to provide our students with a holistic education which will develop their intellectual, physical, cultural, emotional, social, moral and spiritual potential and religious dimension.

Values education in Garin College is fundamental to the life of the school. These values, which are identified in our school charter, are Gospel values. All staff of Garin College are expected to model these values in their behaviours and to teach and proclaim them to our students.

Special Character in Garin College is lead by our Executive Leadership Team, our Director of Religious Studies and Assistant Director of Religious Studies, teachers and our School Chaplain. The students of Garin College experience the special character dimensions everyday in our college, through prayer, religious education classes, our school values, our school assemblies and masses, our school Journey Programmes, Social Justice Projects and community outreach.  (NZ Catholic School Staff Manual NZ Catholic Education Office NZCEO)