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Caritas Fundraiser- Sweat-a thon

Jun 19, 2021

Thank you to all those involved in our Caritas ‘Sweat-a-thon”, including organisers, participants, sponsors, Mr Cumming, parents and community. This was a great example of teamwork, where everyone worked together to create a day full of fun activities. The purpose of the day was to imitate the movement that someone living in exceptional circumstances, such as a refugee forced out of their own country due to war or violence, would have to do in a day in order just to survive. Participants “moved” throughout various activities non-stop all day (except for a brief lunch) including walking, running, games (volleyball, G-Ball, basketball, dodgeball etc), boxing …. All sponsored by friends and family to raise money for Caritas. Thanks again everyone, and watch this space for further fundraising for Caritas.

Photos provided by JP Services, who also provided prizes and DJ services.

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