Club Garin Colours Awards

Nov 3, 2019

The Club Garin Colours Awards set the scene for celebration early in the week. We
gathered as school and community to celebrate and recognise excellence in the areas of
arts, sport and service. It is wonderful to reflect and recognise the diverse range of skills and
talent our students share and the commitment they have made over the past year to excel
in their chosen field. Congratulations to all students receiving Colours in 2019. It was an
absolute privilege to welcome our guest speaker Ms Hazel Wilks who is a past student from
Garin. Hazel presented an inspirational and reflective talk to our students, firstly recognising the preparation
Garin had provided her in academia and Christ centered service in her life beyond College. Now working as a
Doctor at Rotorua Hospital, Hazel skilfully and positively articulated to our students the successes, challenges,
hard work and resilience she had to call on as she navigated her life and learning journey. Garin has values of
“Justice, Service, Compassion” said Hazel, and she went on to explain that “ these aren’t just nice words – but
words that translate to tangible actions that impact people’s lives”. Capturing our students attention, Hazel
encourage all students to apply themselves to their education, seek God’s direction to carry them through and to
be of service to others. “When you do this,” said Hazel, “doors can open and dreams can be realised that we
never thought possible.” Thank you Hazel, having you as a graduate student of Garin share your life, Faith and
Wisdom with our students, staff and community is inspirational.

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