Current Calendar

Feb 25, 2022

Please be aware, should our Canteen staff be required to isolate, the Garin Canteen will not necessarily be able to function at full capacity or at all. Presently the Canteen is fully operational; we will keep you updated should there be any change to this situation. Thanks for your understanding.

Many of the items on our calendar are TBC at this stage due to Covid-19 restrictions.

SISS Tennis Champs: 27 Feb

TSS Volleyball Seniors: 27 February

Ash Wednesday: 2 March

Journey Camp Y11: 7-11 March – cancelled

TSS Cricket Senior T20: 9 March TBC

Academic Colours: 14 March

House Games: 15 March TBC

Staff Only Day: 18 March

TSS Volleyball Div 1: 19-20 March

TSS Volleyball Seniors: 19-20 March

Journey Camp Y10: 21-25 March – postponed

Bio Field Trip: 22 March

Senior Marae Trip: 23 March TBC

Journey Camp Y12: 26-29 Sept – as scheduled



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