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End of Year Mass

Nov 10, 2019

We celebrated our End of Year College Mass where we celebrated the achievements of all our learners and those who will be leaving at the end of 2019. The celebration was filled with a focus on the call for Garinians to go out to the world as told by Jesus in Luke 9:1 -6 to “to proclaim the kingdom of God and the Good News”. Below is an extract from our 2019 Christian Service Leader Jediah Frethey:
For the Year 13’s, the graduating class of 2019, it is time to start your own journey and create your own path. We encourage you all to continue to live a life filled with the Garin College values. Live a life of generosity, Aroha, Rangimarie, Integrity and New Life. Love everyone the way Jesus loves us. Be a voice for those without one and have the courage and conviction to stand up when God calls your name. Let the seeds that have been planted in each of you here at Garin College blossom and flourish as you walk forward in God’s will, leaving your own mark on the world. And if you ever feel like you’re getting lost in your journey, I encourage you to look to the mountains, to look to the sea, or look in the eyes of a tiny baby. Watch the sunrise, and watch it go down, admire the shimmering stars in the sky all around and remember that our God is an awesome God, and one that created this stunning world around us, and loves each of us with a love so strong he gave himself up on the cross for us. Holy Spirit I pray now that your presence falls on each of us as we enter this new season of life. Remind us that we are your children that you love so much, created in your image with a specific plan and purpose. Lord fill us with your presence as we go out from here, and guide us so we may live lives devoted to you.

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