Fashion Design Technology – Gabby Chapman

Aug 30, 2020

Gabby Chapman is a Yr 12 student and is absolutely passionate about fashion. Gabbie wrote: “As a fashion design student I am learning a wide range of skills. For my garment to be innovative, I needed to develop both creative and critical thinking. Researching the market and the work of established fashion designers, I had to first identify a need and respond to it while working in close collaboration with my stakeholders. This process involved teamwork and required good communication skills. Before the production stage, I then spent two months sketching, refining and evaluating my ideas through conceptual designs to find the perfect solution for my garment to be fit for purpose. Finally, when it was time to construct my bomber jacket, practical skills, project management skills and problem solving abilities were crucial. This performance inspired me to be self-motivated and to become a creator rather than just a consumer!

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