First Sunday of Lent

Feb 23, 2023


Genesis 2:7-9; 3:1-7. Psalm 51. Matthew 4:1-11

This weekend is the First Sunday of Lent. Have you ever thought about doing something that you know is not right? We call this ‘temptation’. Even Jesus had to face temptations in his life. God wants all of us to make right choices, and this can be hard for us to do. In Lent, the forty days when we prepare for Easter, we will be encouraged to build relationship with God, make right choices, be less selfish and more generous.

At our Ash Wednesday Liturgy yesterday we received the ashes, a symbol that Lent has now begun. Thank you to all those students who so willingly contributed to the readings and prayers. And to Mr Muir and the band for their tireless efforts to lead us with music. Thank you also to the Eucharistic Ministers who helped distribute the ashes. This was a special time of reflection on our own faith journey, and a reminder to take some time to be aware, show compassion, and act to serve those in need.


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