Garin Academic Colours 2021

Mar 25, 2022

Last week we celebrated our current Year 12 & 13 learners who achieved incredible results in Level 1 & 2 NCEA last year at our Garin Academic Colours Assembly. 

While we were unable to have families and other learners in attendance at this year’s event, families are welcome to watch a video on the two following links:

Part 1:


Part 2:

Congratulations to the following students, who received awards at the ceremony:

Level 1 Maroon

Jasmine Barney

Jake Beekmyer

Sasha Challenger

Grace Chisnall

Zoe Clark

Sarah Cools

Maddie Cornelisen

Eva Doak

Reuben Donnison

Jessie Edmondson

Mia Ferretti

Annabelle Forgan

Hayley Fortune

Maia Grant

Lisa Harmonie

Jack Hateley

Josh Hobden

Lydia Inglis

James Ivamy

Brooke Kennedy

Julia Kersten

Lillian Kersten

Cherry Moore

Sylvie Moore

Malika Rai

Cameron Thompson

Lara Van Veen

Lani Wilson

Level 1 Gold

Amy Clark

Tatum Collins

Maddie Hall

Level 2 Maroon

Livia Ashton

Grace Astle

Rosa Babington

James Bascand

Thomas Carney

Dori Casas

Harriet Coulson

Annalise Edwards

Ella Fidler

Freya Gibbs-Fleming

Clay Greenwood

Amy Haley

Aylish Inwood

Amy Jukes

Nathan King

John Lisondra

Dominic Muirhead

Sophia O’Brien

Grace Roberts

Edward Russ

Hannah Scott

Kvido Tayerle

Neil Wang-Hodgson

Poppy Western

Megan Woodbridge

Misha Worboys

Level 2 Gold

Jasmine Clarkson

Claire McCann

Ruairi Moorhead

Lucien Panting

Theo Parker

Grace Robson

Rhiana Sinclair

Ethan Speers

James Theobold

Vianne Wessels

Leigh Jones

Ben Lloyd


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