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Garin Pavement Artists

Jun 27, 2024

Art on Upper Queen St

Last year as part of the Streets for People schools engagement, four St Paul’s students ticked the vibrant brief and created unique and bright road art to reflect Richmond’s physical environment, such as hills, the sunset and a skater boy (reflecting active travel).

The groups philosophy was to empower students to contribute towards the Streets for People Richmond project through implementing the community working group vision – “creating a safe, healthy and vibrant spaces for cycling and walking journeys in our community”. Amy Workman as graphic designer was engaged and an Artist, @thijsdekoning to transfer them onto the pavement.

Congratulations to Riley Stuart, Coco Monopoli, Easton Dowell and Jessie Henderson who participated in the original concept designs and drawings when attending St Paul’s last year and then attended the opening event on Thursday, 12 June and got to see their art works actually come to life on the footpath outside the Upper Queen St shops.

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