Geek week

Jun 3, 2019

Thank you to our student leaders, Dylan Didi and Amy Krammer for the activities provided for the whole school over Geek Week. It was great to see such a wholehearted participation by students and staff in book character costume on the final day of week 5. This school spirit is fantastic and it is great to see participation and enjoyment from so many.


Also, throughout the week we held two competitions. The first competition was an art competition. We were looking for
pieces of artwork which represented a book, film or TV series character, following a similar theme to the dress up day. Congratulations to Lizzie Gower who  won this competition. In the second competition, we were looking for the highest
individual score on the popular game, Helix Jump. Congratulations to Caitlin Waters who won this competition with an outstanding score of 10,316,891. Overall it was great to see everybody who gave each challenge or competition a
go. Whether that was trying to solve a side or whole cube, guessing who murdered Henry, dressing up, throwing a
paper plane or competing in either of the week long competitions. Quite simply, it was the participation and enthusiasm throughout last week which made it a success.
Written by Dylan Didi & Amy Krammer


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