Geek Week

Jun 7, 2021

Last week Elysia and I, with the greatly appreciated help of Mrs. Ditzel, held the annual Geek Week where we ran various events over the lunch breaks, culminating in a Dress Up Day on Friday. The week was a great success, kicking off with a Rubik’s cube challenge, where Yr 13 Killian Cools, solved a cube in 1.04 minutes. Throughout the week, Mrs. Ditzel held a book sale in the library, with all books going for $1. On Tuesday we ran a paper plane competition, in which the furthest throw reached 27m. Wednesday was the Staff vs.Student
quiz, with sound provided by Jonty Perrett, and was taken out this year by the students. With a late arrival from Deputy Principal Mr Marshall, the staff put in a good effort only to be beaten 7-4. Finally, on Friday, the week came to a close with huge participation from the school, showing some Garin spirit and dressing up as
their favourite, novel, film, or game character. That day, we were also raising money, via donations, for Akii Manaia school in the Cook Islands, to help grow their library collection. Overall we raised $620 with this and the book sale which was a great result and we’re so grateful to the school for showing their support. (Luca Schulz)

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